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A young Casper Thorsøe Sr. on the left (Spain, 1967)
Casper Thorsøe Sr. (in the middle) with his camera (1983)
Casper Thorsøe Sr. in front of his new OB van (1986)
The twins Casper Thorsøe Jr. and Peter Thorsøe with their mother Annette, at the building of the pillars for the Great Belt Bridge (1991)

In 1967 our father Casper Thorsøe Sr. started the company. Casper Thorsøe Sr. started as a press photographer, and in the beginning the company functioned as a private 1-man freelance project. Yet in the early 1980's he bought his first professionel videocamera and switched to video productions.

It was at this point, he changed the name of the company to "Casper Thorsøe Video Production". In 2003 the name was changed again to the abbreviation CTVP Media.

His son Casper Thorsøe Jr. joined the company in 2000, where he started as a camera trainee. Around the same time, the twin brother of Casper Thorsøe Jr., Peter Thorsøe, also started within the company, and helped with different aspects of the productions.

In 2011, Peter Thorsøe joined the family business full time in a role as managing director and ran the company together with Casper Thorsøe Sr. until Casper Thorsøe Sr. passed away in 2019. 

The first years of the company, was spent in the basement of the family home in Hvidovre, on the outskirts of Copenhagen. In 1988 we moved to our current adress Ved Amagerbanen 15 / Amager Strandvej 24 in Copenhagen.

In 2020, we started a big renovation project and expanded our location. We moved into the neighbouring building, with brand new officespaces, studio and production facilities, and renovated the enitre upper floor, with kitchen, breakroom and production and editing studios.

In 2022, we finished building our new premium studio, Studie 5. It was a significant upgrade to our two older studios 3 and 4, where we can now produce bigger productions with moving cameras and higher quality sound.

Casper Thorsøe Sr. in the original studio in Hvidovre with Ulf Pilgaard
The twins hard at work, with Kim Milton ahead of the Champions League Final in 2004
The two buildings on Amager, we moved into in 1989
Our new Studio 5 in use by DreamHack in 2022
CTVP Media
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